Synchronous reluctance motors IEC

Information Synchronous reluctance motors should replace all speed-controlled asynchronous IEC motors in the future. This way, you benefit from the significantly better efficiency. Find out in detail about the possibilities. Description Technical data Application Description Round housing, connection dimensions are according to IEC standardsSignificantly higher efficiency, IE4 level is standardAccording to IEC standards, therefore a […]

Customized versions

Information The possibilities for developing the desired and thus optimum motor design for special applications are almost unlimited. That is why it is necessary to talk and exchange about it, whether it is mechanical or electrical or control requirements, we want to first understand what ideas you have, what is your goal, and then with […]

Torque motors (EMF)

Information These sensational patented torque motors are now moving the bar way up in the market and setting the new benchmark. This is made possible by a gearless transmission function integrated in the motor without space requirement, which also functions loss-free and backlash-free. Result: Unrivaled high efficiency (up to 98%) – > no more cooling […]

Servo motors

Information Servomotor is the name given to special electric motors that allow control of the angular position of their motor shaft, as well as the speed of rotation and acceleration (torque). They consist of an electric motor which is additionally equipped with a sensor (e.g. encoder) for position determination. The rotational position of the motor […]